Tonie - Podcast


Join our brilliant presenters Sam and Tim for a Today with tonies adventure!

This little Tonie is updated daily with ten minute podcast-style shows packed full of fun, facts, challenges and jokes for kids aged 4+. All they have to do is pop the Tonie on the Toniebox and they’re all set to discover new places, learn new words, throw some shapes in an early-morning dance off, giggle at hilarious jokes and learn a mind-boggling fact or two (or three!).

But that’s not all – they’ll also have the chance to hear themselves on the Sunday show by sending in voice notes to It’s daily fuel for curious minds and with 70 minutes of fresh new shows a week, they’ll never be bored.

Here’s how it works:

1. Listeners just pop the Tonie on the Toniebox and a new daily episode will automatically download as long as the Toniebox is within range of WiFi.

2. If you miss a few days or are out of WiFi just pop the Tonie back on the Toniebox when you’re back in range of WiFi and all available episodes, including the latest one, will load. Listeners can then listen back to the most recent episodes in descending chronological order.

3. The Toniebox will store up to two weeks worth of shows – that’s nearly two and a half hours of listening. As new shows are released the oldest shows will be replaced.

4. To be featured on the show little listeners can get their grownups to help them send in a voice note to

List of titles:

01 - Thursday 23rd November
02 - Wednesday 22nd November
03 - Tuesday 21st November
04 - Monday 20th November
05 - Sunday 19th November
06 - Saturday 18th November
07 - Friday 17th November
08 - Thursday 16th November
09 - Wednesday 15th November
10 - Tuesday 14th November
11 - Monday 13th November
12 - Sunday 12th November
13 - Saturday 11th November
14 - Friday 10th November
15 - Today With Tonies Jingle
Running Time - Approx. 70 minutes
Age Recommendation - Age 4+