Story Making is a simple idea with big implications!

The freedom a child is given to create, opens their imagination to a world without limits.

A Maileg friend is a character that looks like there is a story be told and your child will create that story repeatedly. This helps develop a sense of endless possibilities that will serve them well as they grow and encounter new challenges.

Maileg provides the animals, the furniture, the accessories, you create the magic.

Mice become friends with cats; bunnies take a ride with Dinos. Hippos and Rhinos play with Noah’s little friends. You can dress them, put them in a house or a jungle, mix and match the friends so they fit the story you want to tell.

The imagination and the stories are endless. Toys that are open ended allow the imagination to take control of playtime. Maileg toys can help set the scene, but it is the children who make the story their own, then make a new story next time.

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207 results