Hobby Horse - Open Mouth, Grey


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Enter a world of play and imagination with our latest edition of our popular byASTRUP hobby horse. This renewed version of our beloved hobby horse combines fun and development in a completely new way. With its open mouth, it invites a world of interactive play, where children can feed it with our Feeding Set and create their own stories about what it eats to get strong for the next big pony jump.

But wait, there's a twist: The removable tail creates a whole new play option! Children can now easily take the tail off and on, which not only makes the toy more versatile, but also lets them delve deeper into the world of their imagination. With our Grooming Set, they can groom and brush their tails like a real horse, and it opens the door to understanding the magic of fine motor skills while creating their own little adventures.

Let gross motor skills run free when the children take the hobby horse outdoors. Jump over obstacles, explore the surroundings and experience healthy exercise in a fun and playful way. Regardless of whether it is alone or with friends, our Grey Hobby Horse w/Open Mouth will inspire outdoor play and activity.

The characteristic white flash on the forehead gives the jack horse its unique personality and makes it the ideal companion for creative adventures. The role play becomes more lifelike than ever before as the children imagine themselves as brave knights, fearless explorers or proud horse trainers.

Give your child a gift that not only entertains, but also promotes development. Let play turn into learning and adventure into growth with this enchanting toy that opens the door to a world of possibilities.

All these hobby horses come with bridles and a gray rucksack in soft velvet, which makes it easier to take the ponies around to meet friends.