Tonie Shelves and Accessories

Every cloud has a silver lining...and this one is filled with your favourite Tonies!</

Our tonies® Shelves are available in 3 beautiful designs that offer your Tonie collection the perfect home. Each shelf can be easily mounted on the wall and fits perfectly into your child’s room.

Rainbow, Mountain and Cloud offer space for your Toniebox and up to 20 Tonies.

Please make sure that the wall to which the shelf will be attached is sufficiently strong. It is vital that you choose an appropriate fixing material to ensure safe wall mounting. If necessary, please consult an expert.


• 3 different original tonies® designs
• Space for charging station and Toniebox
• Medium shelves: space for up to 20 Tonies
• Made in Europe


• Fairy Pink - Rainbow: 640x250x16mm
• Forest Green - Mountain: 480x272x16mm
• Sky Blue - Cloud: 520x220x16mm

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