Hully Boo - Spook ‘n’ Spell

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How Hully Boo got his rattling chain / Halloween at Palace Primary

May we introduce to you: the adorable ghost in training, Hully Boo. Together with his friend Heather Hex the witch he is working constantly on improving his magic skills, guided by Bartholomew the bat, the wise witch and ghost instructor. On this Tonie you will find two great stories, exclusively produced for our English audience.

List of titles:

01 - 01-05 - How Hully Boo got his rattling chain
02 - 06-10 - Halloween at Palace Primary
Running Time - Approx. 60 minutes
Age Recommendation - Age 3+
Speakers - Adam Fitzgerald, Evie Killip, Declan Wilson, Stephen Critchlow, Jilly Bond and many more