Disney - 101 Dalmatians


Pongo and Perdita’s litter of 15 Dalmatian puppies are dognapped by the eccentric, fashion-obsessed heiress, Cruella De Vil. The pups’ parents waste no time in mounting a dramatic rescue mission to find them and thwart Cruella’s evil plans to turn them all into a spotted fur coat. Have they bitten off more than they can chew, or will they find the pups in time?

List of titles

  1. 01 - Cruella De Vil
  2. 02 - Kanine Krunchies
  3. 03 - Pongo
  4. 04 - 101 Dalmatians

Running Time - approx. 17 minutes

Narrated by Michael Gough

Note - WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard. Small parts. To get started, all you need is internet access, a Toniebox with a Wi-Fi connection and a Toniecloud account. Tonie-App available for iOS from version 9 and Android from version 4.4