Animambo Métallophone


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Crazy cat!

This is a fantastically designed metallophone shaped as a cat and illustrated beautifully with warm yellow colours and a patterned tail. Little ones can use the wooden beaters to play the notes, following the scorecards. There are 2 double sided scores with 4 melodies which are colour coded to match the colours of the keys on the metallophone.

Great for encouraging cognitive and sensory development, as the repetition of trying to play a tune promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills. Why not talk about the different coloured bars and whether the sound is higher or lower when you strike each one?

This set includes the cat metallophone, 2 wooden beaters and 2 musical score cards.

Animambo is a colourful carnival where animals go marching past with a fanfare. Join in the fun with other musical instruments from the range and make your own little band.